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The 16th birthday is a very important one in a teenager's life, since it celebrates their coming of age. They are soon going to become adults and start a new stage in their lives. Sweet 16 birthday is important, since teenagers start to discover the possibilities of independence.

There are a lot of traditions associated with SWEET 16 birthday party. The first one is lighting 16 candles - they represent the people who are very close to the celebrant (his parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, best friends).

A father and daughter dance represents the bond between a father and his little girl. There are two big days for a father and daughter to share a dance; the first one is at her sweet 16 party, and then again on her wedding day. All the family gathers around to see this dance and to share the feelings and emotions of the day.

The shoe ceremony symbolizes the transition from a child to a young woman, and is traditionally performed by the father (or another man of the family). Typically, the celebrant wears flat shoes to her party. During the evening, the father comes with high heels on a small pillow. He helps her take off her flat shoes and replaces them with the heels. The tradition represents the celebrant’s way into womanhood.

Then there is also Tiara ceremony and other traditions of the day. Sweet 16 party can also be themed and guests are asked to wear something according to the theme of the party.