11 Tips for Improving your English

Posted in English Language by Kim Gailes on 04 May 2012

Along the same vein of the previous blog entries, here are 11 additional tips for improving your English language proficiency. The tips were submitted by beginner level ESL students practicing the use of conditional sentences - clauses using “If”. The tips are great for every level of ESL student, or for any person who is learning a new language. Enjoy the pearls of wisdom!

  1. If you read a lot of books or newspapers, you’ll increase your English vocabulary
  2. If you speak English every day, you will speak better English.
  3. If you watch TV and listen to the radio in English, you’ll understand more in English
  4. If you do your homework, you’ll learn more English
  5. If you go to the library often, you will learn a lot of things
  6. If you go out with American people often, you’ll learn English faster
  7. If you practice speaking English at home and at work, you’ll speak better English
  8. If you continue to ask questions in English, you’ll never forget the answers
  9. If you take an English class, you will learn proper English
  10. If you bring your homework to class, you’ll get good grades
  11. If you don’t practice your English, you will never speak English very well