5 Steps to Enhance Your English

Posted in English Language by Lindsey on 24 Aug 2011

It is no secret that English is one the top most spoken languages in the world. As lists and numbers vary, English typically ranks as the third most spoken language to Mandarin Chinese (first) and Spanish (second). Ranking each of the worldly languages as to which is the most difficult to learn in not an easy task. The act of learning a language is incredibly subjective. I, however, did do a search to find out, that on a scale of one to five, with five being most difficult to learn, English scored a two. That score landed it amongst the easiest languages to learn. The article mentioned that English is a great language to add to your language repertoire because of its high use in international affairs ( shopping). According to this article, the most difficult languages to learn where tied between Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic. Regardless of which language you choose to learn, here are five language learning tips to help you in your language learning process.

Don't feel embarrassed. The best way to learn a language is to talk with native speakers. I'm convinced that, in my own language endeavors, the fear of mispronunciation or the wrong usage of a word is what has stopped me from practicing.

Practice, Practice, Practice. But where? In a word, bars. I kid you not. Going out to bars is a great way to meet people and to talk with them. Now don't read me wrong. I'm not suggesting you go out and get completely intoxicated. What I am saying is that bars are a great place to go out, socialize, and force yourself to use your new language.

Watch Media. By this I mean watch television shows and movies that are in the language you are trying to learn. Use subtitles in that language, as well, to practice reading and hearing what is being said. Don't recognize a word? Rewind a movie to hear it again or set the subtitles to your native language.

Surround Yourself. Do anything you possibly can in your new language. Let's say you're learning English. Set your cell phone to English so that you're forced to use it. If your friends speak English, only converse with them in English. Order pizza in English. Once you are confident enough, start paying your bills in English.

Accent. Many languages have different accents. Again, take English as an example. There are British, American, and Australian accents (and a whole bunch of accents within those). Pick one and learn it. It will make your learning process a bit simpler. It will also help you gain credibility among native speakers.

What it all comes done to is have fun! Don't lose sight of the fact that you are learning a new culture as well. The language learning experience is what you make it. Make it good.