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American English Pronunciation Practice

Posted in English Language by Bonnie on 29 Aug 2016

TRANSCRIPT: Hi everybody, welcome back to Solex College. I am an instructor here. My name is Bonnie Miller. And today we are talking about pronunciation.

Before we start to talk about pronunciation, let’s talk about using our mouths before we even start speaking the words. So when you want to speak English for Americans we do use our mouths. Smile, open your mouth, spread your lips even wider, let’s see teeth when you‘re speaking.

Let’s practice some words today.

Let’s practice the words that sound like (IY).

Often times, we will see them used differently with different vowels Let’s look at the words that we might use. Let’s look at the word tea- in the long sound.


Let’s look at the word THREE. THREE, THREE Let’s also look at the word, BEAN BEAN See the mouth is open wide -BEAN

And also the word, CHEESE CHEESE, CHEESE, Let’s say it again, CHEESE Let’s say it again, TEA, THREE, BEAN, CHEESE

That’s the long (IY) sound.

So, now we are going to look at the same sound but a little bit shorter.

So now let’s look at the word MEAT. MEAT. Not M-EEET MEAT OKAY?

And the word PEACH. Like my drawing? PEACH, not P-EEE-CH A little bit smaller sound.

And, Also PIZZA It’s not P-EEE-Z-A It’s PIZZA




That’s the shorter sound of the EE sound So, sometimes you hear the same sounds but they are spelled differently. So the (IY )sound isn’t always (e). Sometimes we see it written in different ways. So we can have that same sound of (IY) (EE) As THREE. Or SEE. Or FEEL Or CHEESE, Or sometimes it looks like (EA): TEA , same sounding EAT, REPEAT, PLEASE

Now, sometimes you’ll see a word with (E) the last part of the word is silent. So the second (E) is silent. THESE, the stress is on the first E, the last E is pretty silent. OKAY? COMPLETE. This E is strong, this E is silent EVENING: the first E is strong, the second E is silent Then finally, we have (Y) that comes at the end of the word. Very- that (IY) sound ONLY, as well as, READY And then we have (IE). BELIEVE, PIECE, MOVIE

And (EY) So this sound comes in many kinds of words. Let’s review: KEY, MONEY And also as an (I): VISA, MACHINE and POLICE So the (IY) sound- whether it is a strong (IY) or a quieter (IY)-it shows up in our writing in many different forms. I hope you understood how we use (IY) sound in other spellings, and I hope you are able to use it in your vocabulary as you are speaking to your friends.