Combining Lessons to Learn English

Posted in English Language by Justin on 11 Aug 2011

Getting a handle on the English language requires more than just memory work and speech recognition. In order for students to master English, they must get a hold of how the language impacts and impedes their daily lives. At SOLEX, students do more than just read over the cirriculum and learn vocabulary, they experience and grow with the language.

Part of learning English involves utilizing what you have learned, and applying it to a new lesson. The books aren't enough. Teachers should integrate arts, movies, and even physical education to expose the students to the language. They will learn new vocabulary terms, and have the golden opportunity to practice with native English speakers.

Reading and recognizing seems to assist in students retention rates of the English language. By combining skills and lessons, students see the practical affects of what they are learning. If watching a movie, they see a character on a bus, while recognizing the bus with its syntax. If playing basketball, the ball and hoop become common practice to learn new English vocabulary.

So, to be suit your needs to learn the English language, remember, practice makes perfect. There are numerous opportunities at SOLEX College to advance your skills by combining your efforts in any one of our English programs