Culture Helps to Learn Languages

Posted in English Language by Justin on 18 Aug 2011

In order to understand the world, one must become engulfed with it. Learning a new language falls under this category. But simply going through the motions and practicing the vocabulary might not be enough. If you ask any language expert across the world how to most easily master a language, their response will be the same. Go to the country, immerse yourself in the culture, and experience it!

This type of forward thinking is by no means new. Linguists and scholars have been putting this theory to the test for many years. As it is said, "for every new language you learn, you live a new life." So what exactly makes studying a new language abroad so appealing? Obviously leaving your home and country can be extremely intimidating, but it comes with its benefits.

For one, learning a new language is a lot easier when being taught by native speakers. Every language has its specific dialects and slang terms. Understanding the idioms of a language become increasingly easy when understanding the subtleties of a culture. Not only does this enhance the language learning experience, but it also enhances the language learning ability. Even if you don't have experience with a language, immersing yourself allows you to absorb more information. You become one with the words, one with the culture, and one with the adventure.

On top of this, many employers encourage employees to be multilingual. This is an obvious selling point in the professional world. But by studying abroad, and taking the time to learn the culture of a new language, you gain that real world experience that books can't teach. This increases a unique attractiveness in the professional world.

Learning languages should never be restricted to the classroom. As each individual culture is a dynamic hodge podge of history and progress, the learning experience should be handled as such. Many American language schools take the opportunity to educate their students in the English language. But few take the time to allow their students to swim in American culture. SOLEX College truley balances the line between teaching proper English language foundations, and letting students explore American culture first hand. Learn the English language, Explore America, and discover a whole new world.