English Accents for Native and Non Native Speakers

Posted in English Language by Justin on 05 Aug 2011

The English language is very complex, and often poses problems to speakers. With a myriad of different variations and regional dialects and accents to learn, non-native speakers must quickly adapt to learn the subtle differences. This leads to a third problematic issue, non-native English speakers accents.

Recently, studies have been conducted to measure the responsiveness and general understanding of English language learners, and their ability to relate language in spite of their accents. George Mason University took this opportunity to archive and study different accents from around the world. This helps English learners to phonetically recognize patterns in their own speech, and to be able to see where they are relying on their native language habits, and where they are adapting to English language patterns.

Even further, this can help teachers to better understand the struggles and pitfalls that non-native English speakers have. Whether or not the student is learning what English words mean, they must also master the ability to speak the language in a discernable manner.