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Here is another musical idiom you might hear from time to time. The full expression is “turn and face the music,” but you’ll also hear people say “it’s time to face the music.”

If someone tells you to “face the music” they’re basically saying that it’s time for you TO DEAL WITH YOUR PROBLEMS, especially problems that are the result of your own bad decisions or regrettable actions.

For example, if you cheated on your boyfriend or girlfriend at a party, then proceeded to lie about it, a friend might tell you that “it’s time to face the music,” meaning they want you to confess to your partner, admit that you made a mistake, and deal with the consequences of your own actions.

No one really knows the exact root of this expression, but everyone can agree that “facing the music” is a scary thing, especially if you’ve made a huge mistake. But in the end, isn’t it better to be honest than to live a lie?

Benjamin Lobpries