Ideas to Help Improve Your English Speaking Ability

Posted in English Language by ESL Instructor Lucille on 31 Jan 2012

Students often ask what they can do on their own to help improve their English speaking skills. Here are some ideas that are fun, useful and may help you speak English more fluently.

  • Every day, speak to a new student you have never spoken to before.
  • Watch a movie. Using the remote control, stop the movie and repeat the dialogue of the actors.
  • Read aloud. This will help you say words out loud and practice your pronunciation and fluency.
  • Sing songs in English. (You can find the words of songs on lyric sites on the Internet).
  • Speak English on the phone with your friends, even if it is easier to speak your own language.
  • Speak to your dog/cat or a picture, and tell that silent listener what you did today.
  • Choose a picture from the newspaper or a magazine and describe the picture, aloud.
  • Put a movie on the tv. Turn off the sound. You can speak for the characters. This is more fun in pairs or with a group of friends.
  • Read an article in English. In the shower, paraphrase (give the information in your own words) aloud. Remember, no-one will hear you!!
  • Make yourself a weekly vocabulary list. Say the words aloud when you are cleaning your room, or doing a household chore
  • Before you go to sleep, speak aloud saying all the things you did that day, and what you want to do tomorrow.
  • Take your homework seriously. Read aloud, repeat new words, and discuss the work with other students. Remember, you won't always have a teacher at your fingertips, as you do while you are studying; now is the time to ask questions and speak to your instructors.