National Multilanguage Spelling Bee

Posted in English Language by Justin on 11 Jul 2011

Language, and language learning is nowhere as cut and dry as it once was. America continues to expand into an international melting pot, and Chicago excels in the teaching and acceptance of international students. But with the first ever Spanish National Language Spelling Bee held over the weekend, the boundaries between diversity and integration have taken one step closer to being blurred.

The English Language Spelling Bee is an 86 year old American tradition. Showcasing the talents of English language speakers and their firm understanding of the language. But for the first time, the the national Spanish spelling bee tests learners at a different angle.

From a linguistics standpoint, there’s been some snarking that the Spanish bee might be easier than the English one, since Spanish orthography is in general considered simpler. “In Spanish, every letter has a unique associated phoneme, so with very few exceptions, words are written exactly as they sound,” wrote the BBC.

This stands as a brilliant opportunity for the English language to showcase the diversity of America's population. America is a global community now, and by encouraging international students to hold strong to their heritage while pursuing the English language, will only enlighten the possibilities of diversity. The Spanish language is rich in history, and showcasing it in this manner is another sterling example of why America is a great place for English learners