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Words that sound alike

Posted in English Language by Miqueas on 06 Jul 2016

In today's video lesson learn some new vocabulary with Miqueas. Also practice your pronunciation with these words that sound very similar.

TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys my name is Miqueas and I’m an instructor here at SOLEX college in Chicago and today I’m going to be sharing with you some words that sound very similar. So were going to be working on some pronunciation and also a bit of new vocabulary hopefully for you. So let’s go ahead and look at them.

The first two words that we have are close like something or someone that’s close to you. It’s pronounced like with an s sound. The second word is close like close the door. It sounds like a Z sound, like a voiced S. Close the door. This word clothes like the TH clothes but in plural are like the clothes that you are wearing. This word cloths, A cloth is like a little piece of material like maybe something that you would use to clean up maybe a mess. So this is in plural. Cloths.

The next set of words we have, bear like the animal in the forest. Bare pronounced exactly the same, like if a room has nothing in it, we could call the room bare. Beer like something maybe you drink. Beard, like a man’s beard pronounced exactly the same as beer except it has a D on the end. Bird like an animal that flies. So these are differences in the vowel sounds, right?

Now we have “were” like, my friends were at the park. Where like where were you. Wear like wearing clothes. I’m wearing clothes. Boat like a boat that you would use if you were in the river. Boot like boots that you would wear on your feet and bought like I bought cheese at the store. Ok so all of these words sound similar but they are in fact pronounced differently. So go ahead and make sure that you practice these words. Hopefully this was some new vocabulary for you. Go ahead and give us a like.