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5 reasons to visit museums while studying in Chicago

Posted in Life in Chicago by Stefanie on 31 May 2019

Special experiences, like visiting a museum, can become a meaningful part of our identity and contribute to better social relationships in a way that material items cannot. In other words, consider skipping your next shopping trip and go to a museum instead. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Museums make you smarter

Exhibits tell multilayered histories because it is a museums' mission to be educational. Museums also teach critical thinking, empathy, and analytical skills. Once, I heard somebody say "Galleries are becoming classrooms, and not just for kids" and I agree. Even the museums themselves have interesting histories to inspire and educate visitors. It is impossible to leave a museum without learning something.

2. Museums make you meet new people

In our case, we organize field trips to every museum in Chicago, what this means that a huge group of people from all around the world is accompanying you. You can also possibly meet locals or staff members. Moreover, museums have cafés, bars and sometimes outside terraces where you can try some snacks and grab a drink while making connections with others.

3. Museums are community centers

Museums are a lot more than collections of artifacts; they allow you to meet with neighbors, discuss thoughts and opinions and become an active part of the community. You can always be part of it. Museums are online, too. You can download everything from apps to digital trails and it’s easy to find out about objects before you visit, enhancing your experience of being there.

4. Museums are free sometimes

Even though they need help from visitors by paying the admission fee, it is great for us -students- to get into some exhibitions for free. Anyways, there is always a way to help support the museum by volunteering or even bringing your friends or family after.

5. Museums inspire

Museums are on the path to being truly interactive. Digital activities provide a greater wealth of knowledge – there is only so much room for curators to describe items but an interactive screen gives more space for context and detail. There is always a museum that may cover a topic you are interested in, and the best part of it, there is always one close to you.

Visiting museums is one of our favorite things to do here at SOLEX College. We strongly believe that it is one of the best ways learn while having fun -plus while meeting your schoolmates- and that is why it is always in our activities calendar, no matter what time of the year is. No matter if it is cold or warm outside, visiting museums in Chicago is a fulfilling experience. Join us next time!