A.A.S. in Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

A.A.S. in Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

A.A.S. in Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

Are you interested in a rewarding career? Do you like to help people? Our program is designed to prepare students to function as Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) who work directly with patients under the direction of a physical therapist. Students gain the knowledge of how and why difficulties in movement occur, how to improve mobility, relieve pain and how to prevent or limit physical disability through the use of therapeutic techniques.

With the proper physical therapist assistant training, PTAs can work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient facilities, school systems, home health or skilled nursing facilities.

Meetings related to the 2018 core PTA selection will be held in November and December. Please monitor here for more information.

Now Is a Great Time To Become a
Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)!

  • Work in a challenging and rewarding field
  • Secure a job in a field that is expected to grow 32.5% through 2022
  • According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) it is one of the top 50 growing occupations in the state

Program Quick Facts

Award Level AAS Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant
Core Program Length 14 Months (62 weeks)
Core Program Hours 51 credit hours
Program Tuition $34,700 (estimated) not including books
Start Date (Downtown) for the set of core courses January 9, 2017

General Education courses (pre - core)

Pre - core is 8 classes (3 credit hours each) for a total of 24 credit hours. This classes are offered at the Wabash Learning Site and at the main campus in Wheeling

Pre - core program length varies with number of hours transferred in, and number of courses students take at a time.

Students selected for the core complete the entire core. No core courses are transferred in from another institution. The core classes are only offered at the Wabash Learning Site

Selective Entrance Requirements for 2017:

Deadline for application is September 30th​

To enroll into the Physical Therapist Assistant program students must meet the college requirements for admittance and be accepted through the competitive process for the program. Students must apply for the general education/pre core program at SOLEX. This should be done as soon as you are considering the program.

  • Applicants are required to be 18 years of age or older and provide proof of age.
  • Applicants must provide a high school diploma or its equivalent, or pay for a non-US transcript evaluation and provide that
  • Applicants are also required to have an ACT score of 19 or above or Wonderlic Score of 21 or above. The Wonderlick may be conducted at SOLEX after applicant do the pre-core.
  • Applicants who seek to transfer in credits must have a transcript evaluation using an official transcript for the final evaluation. If non-US university transcripts are provided they must be evaluated by a professional service.
  • Applicants are required to submit results of a State of Illinois criminal background check, and complete the attestation of background.
  • Applicants are required to complete the General Education coursework with a minimum grade of a “C” in each course.
  • Applicants are required to successfully complete a State of Illinois fingerprint background check.
  • After completing the background check successfully, applicants are required to complete 40 hours of observation, using the SOLEX College approved-observation forms in PT settings, 20 hours in an inpatient setting, and 20 hours in an outpatient setting, using SOLEX forms. Forms are provided when the background check is received.
  • Applicants are required to provide two written letters of recommendation using the SOLEX College PTA recommendation form.

Other information for potential students:

  • Applicants for the PTA core are screened once a year for consideration for the next core. The next core selection takes several weeks. Applicants who met the deadline are screened and notified of the decision by mid-October.
  • The 2017 core program applicant pool is now in selection process. No new applicants will be considered. Apply now to become a student with us for consideration for the 2018 core.
  • Selected applicants will be required to comply with random drug screening.
  • Selected applicants will be required to comply with immunization requirement set by law for health core fields.
  • Selected applicants will be required to complete CPR and first aid training before beginning the core program.
  • Selected applicants will be required to meet all program expectations for class attendance, clinic attendance, dress, decorum, communication, etc.  


Length Tuition
14 Months (62 weeks) $34,700
Length 14 Months (62 weeks)
Tuition $34,700

Course List & Description

Courses Credit Hours
ENG 121 English Composition 3
MED 111 Anatomy and Physiology 3
GEN 112 Business Communication 3
GEN 115 Medical Ethics 3
GEN 116 General Psychology 3
GEN 120 General Physics 3
MED 121 Introduction to Pathology 3
MED 211 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology 3

Courses Credit Hours
PTA 111 Introduction to PTA 2
PTA 112 PT Conditions I 5
PTA 113 Interventions I 5
PTA 114 Professional Issues I 1
PTA 115 Documentation I 1
PTA 116 Clinical Kinesiology 4
PTA 117 Clinical Education I 7
PTA 212 PT Conditions II 5
PTA 213 Interventions II 5
PTA 214 Professional Issues II 1
PTA 215 Documentation II 1
PTA 312 PT Conditions III 2
PTA 313 Interventions III 4
PTA 217 Clinical Education II 7
PTA 225 Physical Therapist Assistant Seminar 1

Course outline is available here.

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program Disclosure

Program Disclosure:
Physical Therapist Assistant, A.A.S. Degree

The name and U.S. Department of labor's Standard
Occupational Classification (SOC) code of the occupations
that the program prepares students to enter:
31-2021 Physical Therapist Assistants
Retention Rate (2015-2016) 100%
Program Tuition Fee (estimated)
Books & Supplies (estimated)
$34,700 (core)
Job Placement Rate for students
completing the program and passing licensure exam (2016)

The median Loan Debt incurred by students who completed the program (2014-2015) $10,699
NPTE for PTA Pass rate Class of 2015 - 90%
Class of 2016 - 80%
Program Acceptance rate (2015-2016)

Program Disclosure (CAPTE Standards)
Physical Therapist Assistant, A.A.S. Degree

Graduation Rate:
Class of 2015
Class of 2016

Employment rate: % of graduates who sought employment
and were employed as PTAs within one year of graduation
89% employed for those who had passed licensure
and sought employment

PTA Outcomes:

(1) The graduate will review patient/client physical therapy documentation, including initial examination and plan of care, and the medical record (when available) and make appropriate decisions related to provision of physical therapy interventions as directed by the physical therapist and outlined in the plan of care.

(2) The graduate will provide physical therapy interventions as directed by the physical therapist in a safe and effective manner, maintaining compliance with federal and state licensing requirements, and facility policies and procedures.

(3) The graduate will determine each patient’s response to the intervention through accurate, reproducible, safe, valid, and timely collection of data utilizing accepted tests and standard procedures.

(4) The graduate will modify interventions within the plan of care established by the physical therapist in response to patient clinical indications, to ensure patient safety and comfort, to improve patient response and to progress activities appropriately and communicate to the supervising PT as appropriate

(5) The graduate will instruct patient/caregiver or other members of the health care team, using established techniques, programs, and instructional materials, commensurate with the learning characteristics of the individual/audience.

(6)The graduate will document in writing/electronically patient care using language that is accurate, complete, legible, timely, and consistent with institutional, legal, and billing requirements.

(7) The graduate will appropriately utilize information from health care literature to guide clinical decisions related to the provision of interventions as directed by the PT.

(8) The graduate will demonstrate effective and appropriate resource management including following legal and ethical requirements for direction and supervision of other support personnel, demonstrating efficient time management, providing accurate and timely information for billing and reimbursement purposes and maintaining and using equipment and supplies effectively and appropriately.

(9) The graduate will demonstrate behaviors that are legal, ethical and safe and that are consistent with APTA’s Values Based Behaviors and Standard of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant

(10)The graduate will communicate verbally and non-verbally with the patient, the physical therapist, health care delivery personnel and others in an effective, appropriate, and capable manner.

(11) The graduate will promote health, wellness and prevention through personal behaviors, advocacy and education to patients and the public.

(12) The graduate will engage in self-assessment to identify individual learning needs and learning activities/resources to increase knowledge and skill in order to enhance their role in the profession.

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at SOLEX College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314; telephone: 703-706-3245; email:; website:

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